Meet the Family

The Paradox home is a family of producers, directors and writers. You will find them arguing over the remote most evenings! That’s because they live and breathe film. In fact, they all originate in feature films and TV.
We’re not here to brag, but as filmmakers we’ve worked with Oscar-winning and nominated Talent because of the quality of our work. We didn’t get one of ten allotted slots for short-from out of 4,000+ submissions into the Cannes film festival based on luck either. Our team are also members of BAFTA, and worked with most major players including Universal, Sony, BBC, Amazon and Netflix. But we’re not just about accolades – we’re about creating emotion led videos that resonate with the right audience.

How do we achieve this?

With expertly crafted videos that pack a punch.

 Handpicking the right director, crew and Talent for the right project.

Clear insights, love and care.

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Brand Films, Explainer Videos, Testimonials, Product Demos, Event Videos, Brand Films, Explainer Videos, Testimonials, Product Demos, Event Videos

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Our Team

Alex Chang

Account Director

Kristina Tywoniuk

Creative Lead

Jessica Romagnoli

Design Executive

Merlin Merton

Executive Producer

Greer Ellison


Alexander J. Farrell


Chris Didd

Business Development Manager

Natalie Kill

Account Executive