Importance of Transparency in Business

At Paradox House we have a responsibility to our clients to create a safe space where they feel collaborative and comfortable. We want you to ask us questions so we can ‘wow’ you with our answers. This is the type of customer service we strive for. Intuitive communication where we identify your needs and anticipate your wants. How do we do this? By being transparent with our quotations, asking the right questions and by managing your expectations within that.

I recently had an experience that really emphasized the importance of this mantra. I was lying in bed puttering around when my £50 hard drive slipped from my lap and landed a half meter to the ground. To my absolute horror this tiny drop was enough to render it useless as I couldn’t access the contents anymore. After crying in frustration I took a breath and decided to start reaching out to data retrieval companies, explaining my situation and requesting quotations. When these 10+ companies began replying to me I was incredibly frustrated by their solutions. The quotes I was receiving were very vague. I was told by multiple companies that the cost could be anywhere between £400 -£1800. Okay great…so you’re telling me at best I will have to pay 8 times the amount of my hard drive and at worst I’ll be forking out the same cost as it would be to get a new laptop?! Ridiculous.

However the one universal push was the baiting to get me to, “at least send in my hard drive for a free evaluation and if I didn’t want to proceed they will send it back.” Now maybe this is too harsh a conclusion to jump to, but this tactic reminded me of my short term stint as a car salesman when my boss would tell me to embellish some of the facts (ahem you mean lie?!) in order to attain something personal from a potential client, whether in the form of their car or a deposit. His theory was that psychologically this would create a need to proceed with their business instead of going elsewhere. Interestingly enough, the data retrieval employees all had good ‘customer service’ in the sense of being kind, polite and responsive. But that wasn’t enough to stop me from feeling incredibly angry and manipulated.

So where do these negative emotions really stem from? I think it is the complete lack of transparency. I don’t want to de-value the work that goes into data retrieval but if you are expecting someone to fork out that amount of cash, there should be more of a breakdown as to what that cost is going. In the video marketing industry this is a common frustration. Many people love the sound of video content but are sometimes put off by the investment. However this is why at Paradox House we include a breakdown of where your money is going in every proposal we send, to alleviate your stress and contribute to your confidence as a consumer.

The point is, in a world with google at our fingertips and many saturated industries, it is our responsibility as a company to be honest and transparent. When Paradox House began, we started by creating a moral foundation that influenced the staff we hired, the stories we wanted to tell and the services we’d offer. After all, the more authentic we are, the more likely it is that we will connect with our clients and create relationships that are not only long lasting but collaborative and enjoyable. And to all the curious souls out there…yes, my hard drive is still broken.